Lexington Code

Lexington Code is brand new binary options robot which up until recently was supposedly available only to private brokers and high-end investment firms. It is established by Michael Lexington and has the alleged capacity to generate from $500 to $5,000 to newcomers and skilled traders respectively.

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The automated software was not developed by actual rocket scientists as the founder claims. We carried out an exclusive investigation into the Lexington Code in order to verify its scam or legit status. The results from are not very promising and one can read more about them in the following review.

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Basic information:

  • Price: Free
  • Software: Auto-pilot Software
  • Max Returns: 85%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Browser-Based


  • Non-Existent Creator
  • Unrealistic Success Rate
  • Shady Broker Connections
  • Negative User Feedback
  • Unreliable Customer Support

What is Lexington Code System?

According to the words of alleged creator Michael Lexington, this binary options robot supposedly uses a highly advanced programming algorithm which enables it to place fewer trades with a higher profitability rate than most automated investment robots can provide to their clients.

The income-generating solution does not feature any unique investment tools and is not in possession of any specific special features which can truly be of assistance to traders who wish to amplify their income on the Internet.

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During our preliminary investigation into Lexington Code Software we were able to determine that this is not exactly true. There is solid proof that this profit-amplifying solution is just a simple Algo-trading system that does not work properly.

Not only this, but supposed creator Michael Lexington and Lead Programmer Barry Storyk are not actual people. They have no active social media profiles, nor is there any verifiable data confirming their identities.

Final Thoughts

Lexington Code is not a reliable profit-amplifying tool. It is a likely scam and commentaries from users suggest that it is more likely to lose traders’ earnings rather than amplify them. There are far better and more finely working solutions available on the Internet. One should proceed and sign up with one of them instead.


Code Fibo Review

What Exactly Is Code Fibo?

We need to clear that question before we begin actually reviewing it. I would define Code Fibo as a binary option product, which is a sort of auto-trader, but which also allows its users to place manual trades, based on a selection of trading signals delivered by the software. Code Fibo is therefore an app, which accomplishes most things auto-traders and square binary option brokers do, but it does it in a way that allows even people who know nothing about trading, to reach success-rates of more than 90%. That’s a rather bold claim right there, which makes my initial apprehension understandable.

CodeFibo was apparently developed by a university professor named Matthew Lewis, who was looking for ways to figure out the financial markets and to turn the revenue generated off them over to his low-income students, thus helping them pay off their student loans.

Who Is Professor Matthew Lewis?

My guess on this was a good as anyone’s obviously, but I actually dug a little deeper, and I found that he does seem somewhat legitimate indeed. The guy has apparently done a lot a work with financial market prediction, Fibonacci numbers and golden ratios, and that’s what makes his Code Fibo tick. He apparently took some 5 years to properly refine the system itself, after which it had to be turned into an app usable by everyday people. Lewis has apparently invested his own money to make the app happen, and he may have cashed in big on it since.

There’s an elaborate video explaining the creative process which led to the turning of the Fibonacci Code into a trading product, at Code-fibo.co, in which the professor meets up with a questionable first-time client, showing her the way the software works. Again, I was quite unimpressed by some aspects of the video, though I do fully understand that the Fibonacci code is indeed used in quite a few trading strategies and that it is accepted as one of the cornerstones of technical analysis.

Professor Matthew Lewis Codefibo

Professor Matthew Lewis

How Does Code Fibo Work?

The concept at the core of Code Fibo is arbitrage trading, based on Fibonacci sentiment analysis. While the Fibo Code is obviously involved here, I personally do not have a deep understanding of how the trades are actually placed at this time. As a layman, one only has to sign up to Code Fibo, a process which takes about a two minutes. Once a deposit is made and a balance becomes available for trading, one can opt to let the auto-trader do all the work, or to place manual trades, based on the trading signals generated by the software. This is probably how some of the people I mentioned above, have managed to further refine their results. The bottom line for a beginner is though that Code Fibo works as an auto-trader and the average person doesn’t have to understand what’s under the hood to use it.

What Is The Fibonacci Code?

Named after Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, the Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of integer numbers, with the characteristic that each of the numbers in the sequence is made up by the sum of the two numbers preceding it. In technical analysis, the Fibonacci Retracement is used to determine critical support and resistance levels for asset prices.

My Personal Experience With Code Fibo

Being somewhat experienced and at the same time skeptical of what the auto-trader could achieve, I made a minimum required deposit of $250 at Code-fibo.co, and started using the software in the manual mode. The bottom line is that I didn’t do too well… I had managed to almost double up my balance, but then fell right back to $200 – quite possibly due to faulty money-management and a couple of emotion-driven moves. Seeing my skepticism confirmed, I decided I had nothing to lose, so I just threw my remaining $200 to the mercy of the auto-trader.

The FiboCode auto-trader works differently from how one might manually handle trading. It identifies a number of trading opportunities based on its Fibonacci Code strategy, and it then makes small trades, looking to limit risk-exposure. Sure enough, initially the $200 dipped to about $150, but it then started making small gains. It took about a week for it to climb back up to $500, and by then I had decided not to bother it anymore and leave it to its own devices. Now, my balance is over $1,500 and I have withdrawn my initial deposit, to see whether they would indeed honor withdrawals, and obviously to leave nothing but “house money” in harm’s way.

The bottom line is that while it didn’t quite reach the $7,000/week mark for me, Code Fibo delivered… Also, I had started out very small indeed.

The Code Fibo Platform

How Does One Start Trading With Code Fibo?

Getting started with Code Fibo is extremely simple. At Code-fibo.co, would-be traders have to fill in their name and email. Once done, they’re redirected to a page where they can complete the registration process. After a phone number is provided, traders will be able to click the Instant Access option. They then have to pick a broker from a list and make their first deposit. As soon as the money lands in the account, access to Code Fibo is granted. It doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about the featured brokers, since one’s trading will essentially be done through the chosen broker.

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StockPair Review

Stockpair is an online trading company and a leader in the Binary Options and Pair Options market. It has been trading since 2010 as part of the Nextrade Worldwide family of businesses.

Licensed in the EU and regulated by one of the world’s most rigorous financial bodies, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Stockpair’s clients can rest assured that they are protected by some of the strictest regulations in today’s world of online trading.

As you’d expect from a reputable online trading company, Stockpair is led by a team of highly experienced professionals. We found this team to be extremely well qualified to help us learn the ropes of Binary and Pair Options.

As relatively inexperienced traders, we immediately recognized that the team were eager to ensure that we were able to realize the full benefits of the services that Stockpair offers. The market-leading customer support made us feel supported every step of the way from our first trade on the pioneering Stockpair trading platform.


– Massive range of educational materials
– Cashback available
– User-friendly trading platform
– Market-leading customer support
– Returns of up to 85%

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