Stox Market Review

There is a good reason for StoxMarket to be one of the reliable brokers of the industry. It provides a safe and secure trading environment and offers great terms and conditions for binary investments.

It was established as a broker in 2013 and has been legally operating ever since. The brokerage has managed to build a very good reputation among binary traders, thanks to its excellent services and terms of trading.   stox-market

Review Verdict: Stox Marker is Not a Scam

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StoxMarket offers a great number of opportunities that are available to every client of the broker. They have various account types with significant features and they also offer a demo trading. Demo trading is essential when it comes to binary trading. The markets are highly volatile and getting to know the trading platform and developing some trading skills might be crucial in the future.

How to Use the Broker?

To join the StoxMarket brokerage is free. But in order to start trading on their platform, you will have to fund your trading balance with a minimum of $250. This is their minimum accepted amount for starting deposit.

Stox Market is build on the MetaTrader4 trading platform – an award-winning one. It offers comfort and user-friendliness. To place trades on the StoxMarket brokerage, you need to do few things first:

1. Choose the type of option you want to invest with – StoxMarket offers Hyper options (from 30 seconds to 10 minutes), High/Low, One Touch and Range options.

2. Choose an asset category – you can choose between stocks, forex, commodities and indices.

3. Set your preferred expiration time and investment amount.

4. Purchase the option – by clicking on the Low or High buttons, depending on your prediction of the outcome.

You can also place trades on multiple assets in the same window and monitor their progress constantly.


No Download Required

The binary options platform of StoxMarket is entirely web-based. Its owners have made the effort to stay competitive by offering you the chance to download a mobile application which would allow you to trade on-the-go and does not require your constant presence in front of the computer.

The web-platform will run on all desktop operating systems and the mobile application is available for iOS and Android.

How to Get Started?

If you want to start trading on the StoxMarket platform, you need to complete a few simple steps:

1. Create Free Trading Account – you can choose between a Live account or a Demo account. If you decide to open directly a Live account, you should be sure to choose your account type in accordance with your trading needs and preferences.

2. Deposit the Accepted Minimum – the initial deposit for the most basic trading account with StoxMarket is $250, which is a standard average amount for the industry.

3. Trade & Withdraw – once you have generated profits you wish to withdraw, you can do that by submitting a request through your trading account.

Return on Investments

Stox Market offers significant payouts comparable to those of the other best alternatives in the industry. You can get payouts on your investments of up to 85%.



Opening a Live trading account is free of charge. But don’t forget that in order to begin investments you need initial capital. The minimum accepted by StoxMarket is $250.

Is Stox Market Brokerage a Scam?

The broker belongs to the privately held firm Marketier Holdings Ltd. StoxMarket has a solid background and reputation. Launched in 2013 as a brand of Marketier Holdings Limited, it has gained a very good reputation among traders also because it offers licensed trading platforms. Our investigation is able to conclude that StoxMarket is not a scam – it is a legitimate brokerage.

StoxMarket – Bonus & Account Types

As we mentioned, the StoxMarket brokerage gives you a choice – you can start with Live or Demo account. Additionally, you can choose between different Live trading accounts, depending on your initial deposit. You can start with the basic amount of $250 or choose between:

  • Silver – starting from $1,000, this is the introductory investment account
  • Gold – from $5,000, you can open a pro advanced trading accounts
  • VIP – from $20,000, this is an account type aimed a trading experts with a lot of experience.


Once you fund your account with StoxMarket, you will be able to receive a welcoming bonus. There are other types of bonuses, as well, including “refer a friend”, cash back and for loyal customers. The only condition is that your initial deposit is of a minimum of $1,000.

StoxMarket – Deposit & Withdrawals

stox-market-withdrawalAs we mentioned, the initial deposit you can start with is $250. You can fund your trading balance through one of the available payment methods – credit or debit card, wire transfer or from an e-wallet. Withdrawal requests are processed in 3 to 5 business days. You will have to withdraw via the same method you used to deposit into the StoxMarket brokerage.

StoxMarket values security of funds and personal information confidentiality. When you deposit and when you want to withdraw, you will have to provide a proof of identity to verify that you are the owner of the trading account. This is done in order to guarantee the safety of the trading process.

Customer Service

The support team of Stox Market is always polite and ready to help. You can reach them via a number of channels including phone, e-mail and life chat.


good_choice_stamp_7robotsWe conclude our investigation by issuing the final verdict of StoxMarket being a legit and reliable binary options broker. It has a dedicated support team available 24/7, offers very good trading opportunities concerning bonuses, payouts and special features. And it has a licensed, user-friendly trading platform. It is safe to select StoxMarket as your brokerage counterpart.


WikiTrader Review

Searching for Honest ” WikiTrader Review “. Find out the real facts about the Wiki Trader Automated App. There’s plenty to like about WikiTrader Website. This is seriously good trading software that ensures that investors are always in control. Overall a highly recommended and legit product and not any scam. It’s always nice when quality binary trading software comes about, and in this case WikiTrader App is indeed the real deal. As ever it’s good to be cynical when first checking out this kind of investment. After all, the name alone makes it sound a little peculiar to say the least.

However – and much to our surprise – it turns out that the WikiTrader Review system is actually the real deal. This is legit, high quality and impressively performing software that also delivers consistently on both automatic and signals mode. Regular readers will know that products of this caliber are unfortunately few and far between, but always deserve thumbs up when they come about. Right now there’s not many other platforms more effective than WikiTrader robot, but as ever this review will allow folks to make up their own minds.

Wiki Trader Review : Why WikiTrader is Scam Free Software ?

Wiki Trader Review

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One of the first things to look for with any binary signals program is always the control offered to the users. If something claims to be entirely flawless, 100% risk free and completely automated then you can bet 9/10 if it’s a scam. Fortunately WikiTrader system doesn’t follow this route, and is completely upfront about the potential risks – and rewards – of using binary software.

Upon visiting the WikiTrader Review website, guests are introduced by Kelly Wallace. The site could use a little more thought in making it not follow the familiar scam setup, but the fact is that she’s actually a genuine, certifiable binary industry expert. She estimates an 88% success rate for using the WikiTrader software, which is plausible enough and if true certainly puts it at the top end of the market.

Impressive as this figure is, what really makes the WikiTrader project stand out is that it’s designed to put the control firmly in the hands of the investor. Primarily this is because the WikiTrader software can also be used purely for signals. This means that even though the program does all the hard work searching for quality trades, the ultimate decision to invest is down to the user.

In a nutshell, this means that there’s no way that WikiTrader App is going to blow every penny on insane random ‘trades’ – much like we sadly see with all the scams we expose. Generally speaking this is a feature that all legitimate binary trading system possess, and is usually a sign that it’s not a fraudulent site.

Success Rate : More than 80% Win Rate with Wiki Trader Signals !!

One of the best things about Wiki Trader Review Software is that it allows investors to be as involved, or distant, as they wish. Conveniently they’ll all likely make quality returns, but as ever it’s more effective to trade via signals than on auto-pilot. This being said, the potential for significant earnings is really very impressive indeed.

When the WikiTrader Signals was tested on automatic mode alone, it returned close to 90% successful trades. The proof is in the pudding – and it’s good to see that Wallace is continuing to earn her good name in the industry. It’s quality and effective software that is almost always going to make healthy profits.

On the downside, and another reason why we were suspicious of WikiTrader method, the review website does make some pretty brazen claims as to what traders can expect to earn on a daily basis. Usually this isn’t something to trust, as it’s near impossible to score $5K a day on automatic trading. On a good day with manual input – perhaps – but this software needs to slightly lessen the expectations people are going to be putting into it. However, who in their right mind is going to be turning down at least a few hundred a day for next to no effort? Not many, I’ll wager!

The Advantages Of Wiki Trader Automated App !

Wiki Trader Features

I’ll hold my hands up – after reviewing the Wiki Trader signals had me convinced. This App has genuinely is capable of delivering a very reliable rate of winning trades. Over the course of a day it won just shy of 90% of predicted trades. Obviously this is a fantastic performance, but even better for long term users not only is the software clearly very effective but it’s also very user friendly. There’s no need to download the program – it works perfectly well via a web browser.

Traders can allow the Wiki Trader System to work either entirely automatically or manually. While ideal for people with little experience of how binary trading works, it’s always wise to be wary of systems that are exclusively automatic. Often they’ll just burn through funds in no time at all. In this case the WikiTrader review software seemed to work reassuringly conservatively, although it was really when set to manual trading that the WikiTrader App came into it’s own.

Why Wiki Trader Software Has Best Manual Trading Signals ? Review !

Reassuring there’s no crazy back story or fantasy involved in the development of the WikiTrader Platform. What we have here is a very powerful, cutting edge program that learns as it monitors the markets. The WikiTrader website considers this to be a form of AI – again not something I’m quite in agreement with – but most certainly a very effective set of algorithms. Interestingly this review WikiTrader software itself is completely open source, which means that the brainiacs behind it have been able to use the best components going. While available on all major platforms, it’s not tied to a single OS. Again – this is something to like!

One recommendation – and a common mistake made by newbies to the binary trading world – is to try and leave the software running around the clock. WikiTrader works best when it can constantly monitor ongoing market patterns, and may seem otherwise to be a little slow to start with. Those using the WikiTrader App shouldn’t need to worry about this too much, providing they have WiFi/mobile internet coverage wherever possible.

As for usability the Wiki Trader App is excellent. It’s cleanly presented, with a straight to the point dashboard that allows users to easily keep track of their investments. Crucially this platform also allows clients to set their own ‘risk’ level depending on how they wish the software to trade. This is another security feature that is basically going to prevent people from losing all of their funds – something which we care about very much!

Is WikiTrader A Scam Software ?

There’s no suggestion that Wiki Trader is a scam. Clearly this is because not only does this review software work very well but also because it’s an accountable and traceable binary signals provider. Without question their marketing team could put in more effort to make them not appear to be a scam, but the fact is that they are a quality option for anyone investing in binary trading.

Ultimately everyone who is serious in getting into binary tradings should put in the effort to understand the basics of how it works. Just a little knowledge alone will go a very long way in helping dodge the scammers.

How To Sign Up With Wiki Trader System ? 

It’s very easy to get started with WikiTrader Website. Just register with the review site, place a start-up deposit of $250+ and download the app. You can of course invest more but as with any new system always go with the minimum to start with. There’s no fees for adding more capital further down the line. It’s recommended to use the app simply because it’s more efficient and helps users avoid missing great trades, although as mentioned above it’s fine via browser too. Once deposits and Wiki Trader downloads are complete, you’re good to go. I’d recommend even total newbies start off using the manual setting – it’s very easy and ensures that you’re in total control from the outset.

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Final Thoughts : The WikiTrader System is Winning & Profitable !

The WikiTrader site is an impressive and genuine piece of Autotrader that has to be highly recommended. It’s always nice to see the ‘good guys’ release a powerful and legitimate product, especially when it performs as well as this. What also makes this stand out from the crowd is it’s absolute simplicity.

There’s been a trend of late with over genuine developers to add layers of complexity on top of their software, so many so that it can be off-putting for new investors. Happily that’s not the case with WikiTrader Review System- the simplicity and fact that it works should be more than enough, even for absolute novices. Overall Wiki Trader website is very impressive, and certifiably not a scam.

QBITS Mega Profit

QBITs MegaProfit System is a binary options robot that has made trading in the virtual world simpler than it has ever been before. Its basic functions are to provide binary options trade signals to the investors and also to make trade decisions based on its underlying algorithm. The trading can be fully automated with this software which is the reason why QBITs can be utilized by novice as well as the advanced traders. QBITs is for now available as software for PC as well as App for mobile devices. It can be also accessed on the go.

Jeremy Hart is the main developer and CEO behind this automated system and he has encoded the software with algorithms that are bound to provide accurate results above 89% of the time.

qbits banner

Is QBITs MegaProfit System a Scam?

Binary options trading has become one of the most popular ways to gain financial freedom. Everyone can now access the market by choosing a broker and a software for automated trading. However, there are also some risks associated with this kind of systems because of the highly volatile and unpredictable market conditions. With the use of accurate binary options robots, you can make the right choices.

QBITs MegaProfit System is Beta tested and a lot of traders are already using this trading bot providing only positive feedback. Hence, it can be concluded that it is scam-free and user-friendly application. In fact, the traders who have already tried QBITs are all praises about it – many are even claiming that they have incurred over 85% profits successively with this system.

How Much Does QBITs MegaProfit System Cost?

QBITs is a binary options robot that you can use for free. Yes, the service is absolutely free. However, you need to at first have an account with a broker before you can start to trade with it. Since you are trying to earn through real-time trading, you will have to deposit $250 to the trading account in your broker’s platform, to incur profits with this system. QBITs is essentially free of cost and additionally, this will give you the chance to earn more through various cash bonuses available on the broker’s platform.

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How Does QBITs MegaProfit System Work?

qbits softwareSince this is a fully automated system, it trades on your behalf and therefore it does not require you to sit at your desk scanning and analyzing the market for hours and hours. You can keep your day job and still use this system to earn some respectable passive income.

What this system actually does is it analyzes the charts and trends and the fluctuations of the market, just like any experienced trader would do. After doing so, it chalks out the market trends using its own proprietary algorithm and then purports out a specific pattern. Based upon this analysis, it gives you trading signals and then places trades on the options it thinks will be the most profitable for you.

One of the things about their analytic software is that it is very powerful and is based on a quantum technology that is pretty uncommon and deemed highly useful for traders.

How to Get Started?

You can get started by following these easy simple steps:

  • FREE Sign Up: Clear your cookies and cache and enter a unique email address – which you have not used to trade before. Once you do that, you will be taken to the broker’s page to sign up. That’s how the next steps will carry forward.
  • Trade & Profit: Once you have gone to the broker’s page you will need to enter your details and make your initial deposit so that you can start trading. Don’t worry – this is where QBITs comes in. it places free trades on your behalf and you start earning profits. Once you reach a minimum amount, you can request the broker for the withdrawal of your amount.
  • Withdrawal: Withdrawing always goes by the rules of the broker and you will have to check the terms and conditions of the brokers to ensure that you can withdraw timely.

qbits steps

Special Features & Demo Account

The special feature of this robot is that it has a really navigable platform. The traders find its platform really easy to use without any hassles. It also gives the trades the chance to fine tune their strategies on the platform using the demo account and the free trial. QBITs is recommended because of its highly rated usability.



  • t10demo_good_choice_stampThe Software is FREE
  • No Previous Knowledge Required
  • Works on Mobile Devices & Tablets
  • Easy to Understand & Follow



  • Must Have a PC, Smartphone or Tablet


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